I have been working on a novel about being married to a violent, psychopath, narcissist for years. I kept trashing it and starting over because the memories hurt so much to write about. WELL, FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2010 the first full draft is with my editor..."Married to Diablo" should be out at the end of this summer. Follow the Facebook page to keep updated. 😉 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080101544408

My newest book "Verse" is below. My 3 novels are currently out of print.

Poetry about various time periods of my life. There is happiness, there is strife. ballad epic jingle lyrics poem poetry rhyme sonnet stanza lay ode poesy rune song


Publication Date
Mar 7, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Molly Roxx


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)



I blog on and off from time to time and usually have it on my MollyRoxx.com site and then I take it down because I figure no one reads it…Then people email me asking where my blog went lol…So, I decided to put it on this site and keep it up for a bit. Seriously though, I don’t type about anything interesting, so I often wonder why people read my blog lol.

Today I feel as if I am in a trance. I have work to do and cats to play with and a father to take care of, but I am just staring into space while listening to some show on HBOMax…I don’t even know what show it is! I am just a space case today.

This is month 3 of NutriSystem. I have followed it pretty much perfectly and lost like 3 pounds. It is super expensive and doesn’t work for me so next month, I am starting keto. I have heard good and bad things about it. I have bought a few books on it like I do, and a keto journal. I know I can do everything online, but I like taking notes in my books and highlighting passages and folding pages. If I did that to my laptop, I would have to replace it daily. There are just some forms of technology I will never embrace. You should have seen how I spelled “technology” before I spell checked it lol. WOW! I had a “K” and a “W” in it. I actually know how to spell the word, but sometimes, on days like this…the brain fog is real my friends.

I have been planning for a while to re-boot my Youtube channel and start making some new videos 2-3 times a week. I have finally put together a little studio area for me to do this so hopefully I will get the nerve. It’s so weird, as I have stage fright when filming alone…I can talk to anyone and be loud and spontaneous and flamboyant and all that…but when I know I am being filmed…I clam up. I bought myself a camera just for these vids…over a year ago…I have never opened the box…So, a handful of anti-anxiety meds before hand and I am gonna give it a go again. Wish me luck! 


Happy belated 4:20! I celebrated by taking my dad to the endodontist lol.

Recently life has just been mostly working. Working on my book and my magazines and my sites. My days are flying by! They say time flies when you are busy and days go by super-fast as you get older, and both are definitely true! It’s crazy. Sometimes all I do is blink, and the entire day is gone!

Today, I am once again working on magazines. For the most part I enjoy my work. Recruiting models isn’t always fun though. Really, it’s just so repetitive, not because it’s hard or boring. It’s just ‘ok, now I am posting more ads’…yawn. I guess maybe it is boring, lol.

The weather has been great in the mornings. Low 70’s, high 60’s, but then the afternoon approaches and it is in the 90’s and I start to melt. I gotta get outta here! Dad won’t go into assisted living, and he can’t survive without me, this is not ego, he tells me all of the time, so I am here for the log haul…But I have no health insurance here and not many friends, and I hate how hot and muggy it gets. It is beautiful, but my allergies are super-evil here. One day I will move back to the mid-west and buy a small home and rescue animals. Until then, I guess Florida is home.

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